Consumption of Media Violence, and the Djihadists

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The Effect of IS Propaganda on Excessive and Continuous Users of Mainstream First-Person Shooters Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) and Call of Duty-Modern Warfare 2 (CoD-MW 2)
Additional comments to the blog entry by Rudolf H. Weiß at, February 2015, titled “Totally inadequate” Rudolf H. Weiß, 10.9.2015

Summary of my talk at the annual meeting of the Association of “Media Violence – International Research and Consultancy? on the 18.4.2015 on the topic of “Consumption of Media Violence and the Jihadists?.

My hypothesis about ?The effect of propaganda IS on continuous user of mainstream Kriegsshooter? here and elsewhere in the “West” that what I have written in the blog of, Date Februar 5th, 2015 but no evidence in a purely statistical sense, is however a significant document. To track down various Internet messages already in the last October 2014 and the statistics of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) have brought me to the origin of this so called ‘Holy Warrior’, attracted by us in the Iraq or Syria to “IS”. I have installed already in my Berlin lecture at “Sichtwechsel e.V.” in November 2014 (seeäge). Unfortunately, the BKA had only the usual family, social and educational background in their sights. Otherwise we’d have more if they also Ego-Shooter consumption this identified 70% of “Problem cases” (school drop-outs, unemployed, fam. Deficits, loser, etc…) would have obtained. I did also Mr. Lange, State Secretary in the Ministery of Justice (Germany). Maybe something is there but once. The propaganda Department of IS to work professionally so clever and equipped with all refinements, so that even Nazi Minister of propaganda Göbbels would have cut off what is it. In this respect, this is because they’d not specifically related propaganda videos have put their strategy on such brutal Ego-Shooter already a confirmation of my hypothesis (more than “Facevalidity”), without certainty on the basis of practical proof of the success of the mechanisms of these advertising methods. To quote, taken from a propaganda clip posted on YouTube of the Islamists. This is gameplay footage from the brutal mainstream Shooter “Grand Theft Auto 5” and advertises itself as: “We make in real life, what you do in the game!”

Americans have made before it them on easier levels with its recruit advertising, among others through the specially developed ?First-person Shooter? America’s Army, and that 15 years ago. And what is still at the “sacred Warrior advertising”: that can support itself on a huge pool of millions of kids (almost two-thirds of all German male adolescent between 14 and 18 years of age there is user of brutal violence games), of which guess 5 per cent as vulnerable to such advertising methods based on the studies of use. These are the dependent gamers with more than 5 hours of daily consumption of brutal ego-shooter. As well a few millions come together. Maybe the salafistic hate-preachers know that then the “religious ideological” superstructure as motivation syringe use, especially appeal to the vulnerable Gamer. First, a ‘media brainwashing’ occurred, followed by the supposedly religiously justified brainwashing of salafistic preachers of hate.
Perhaps the propaganda Department knows even my recent use studies on GTA 5 and Call of Duty. You can see in our site Then we should have exploited us even involuntarily to supporters. But they can research the staggering sales numbers of this brutal ego-shooter also in the Internet.

More Scandalization for military shooter, like the ‘call of duty’-series, already played by two-thirds of 14-year-old boy, is long overdue, the previously attacking methods are totally inadequate. The media researcher (and Board member of Media Violence e.V.) Rudolf Weiß suggested in a speech at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Berlin on 3 November 2014, that “from Germany and other Western countries after Syria in the ‘ holy war ‘ were fanaticized jihadists attractive not only in Schools of Salafists but countless times in virtual war games like ‘practiced a much of what they accomplish there real atrocities,’.” In Syria they understand then finally once real these virtual atrocities without being punished. Criminal investigations and effective prevention of violence must not let such findings and focusing not only on the social fringe groups and loser mentality.” (Page 10 of the lecture manuscript inäge).

Meanwhile, French Islam expert Olivier Roy and other experts confirm these hypotheses. For example, in a highly interesting DER SPIEGEL interview (Edition of the 17.1.15, page 90-92 – “Be mainly hero”) Roy says that young Muslims in France are therefore as much fascinated by violence because these people in a culture of violence growing up. The Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger and the Berliner Zeitung he said recently, much like in the mirror interview, that their high violence has its reason in violent video games and brutal violence movies (original quotations below).

The terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) is extremely active in the Internet and trying to recruit young men from the West. Also propaganda videos to animate the terrorists next generation to do so, to fight in the Iraq and Syria. The latest target group: computer players. A propaganda clip published on YouTube showing Islamists game scenes from “Grand Theft Auto 5” and touts: “We make in real life, what you do in the game!”

Mind you, “Grand Theft Auto was 5? (GTA 5) by Rudolf Weiß in school-representative surveys in 8. Classes in Baden-Württemberg and Lower Saxony empirically analyzed over a year ago on its use by children and young people, shortly after it came on the market. Please see the results of this small research report. Already 62% of respondents 13-14 year old boys played it at that time (December 2013) by the USK 18 years shared extremely brutal war first person shooter with scenes of game inhuman and without inhibition.

The propaganda Department of the IS does adopt this knowledge for their own inhuman cruelest acts. This bestselling shooter is so full of brutal atrocities that he belonged on the index, so how “GTA 4? or even the ‘Call of Duty series’, the Rudolf Weiß empirically analyzed all his predecessors since 6 years old use patterns of 13 – 14 year olds. Here goes the youth media protection over the profit interests of the relevant economy to its knees. This worries us.

As long as such a video game of the USK receives an indication of the age and is on sale in the market’s may be advertised also with a gigantic advertising effort in all media. Appeals, unfortunately too rarely heard from the policy to the address of the parents and the disabled alibi of the teaching of “Media literacy” do virtually nothing. This model for failure can be explained. We can prove this scientifically usable. However, it is crucial that the Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle (USK) permanent tricky goes to banning, by preventing that such video games to the final decision of the economic independent “Federal Department for media” (BPjM) has necessarily being transferred.

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